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Pricing & Sizing


At My Sweet Bliss, we offer competitive pricing for cakes. ALL PRODUCT, IS REQUIRED before hand as I scratch bake everything. Nothing is ever frozen. Price varies depending on size, detail, layers and designs. Price may also vary with the cost of ingredients. Alternative baking items such as Gluten Free, vegan, or diabetic will also be different in pricing listed below.

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Cake Sizing and Pricing

Prices are for basic decorated cakes. Detailed cakes will have additional cost. NOTE: Fondant covered cake is extra per size of cake. Gluten free/vegan fee is an extra cost of $20.00 per size, 4in, 6in, 8in, 9in. Each cake is 3 layers. 

Basic cakes require at 72 hr notice. Detailed cakes require 7 days notice.

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Round Cakes

4 inch round


6 inch round


8 inch round


9 inch round


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Wedding Cakes 

2 Tiers 

Wedding cake estimates- these are subject to change upon design and upgrades such as fondant, gluten free etc. More Tiers available at request for additional fee. 


Soft Icing

**Bottom Tier- 8"
**Top Tier- 6"
Serves 25 People


Soft Icing

**Bottom Tier- 10" 
** Top Tier- 7" 
Serves 30-40 People


Soft Icing

**Bottom Tier- 12" 
**Top Tier- 8"
Serves 50-60 People

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